A Proud Tradition of Excellence

A Proud Tradition of Excellence

A Proud Tradition of Excellence


Once the children move into Junior I (age 5), they experience their first year of formal teaching and a more structured approach to learning. At this level, the children are introduced to English and Maltese, where reading is given a lot of importance. Mathematical concepts are built upon, whilst Science and Religion in a broad sense are introduced.

Junior II work links closely with the first year’s work and in Junior III the syllabus is expanded upon with Environmental Studies.

The Junior IV, V, and VI are preparatory classes for the Senior School. The work load increases gradually and all subjects are very well structured. In Junior VI, the children are introduced to foreign languages, having one term of French, one term of Italian and one term of German – just a taster, helping the students make a more informed decision before choosing their languages to study in the Senior School.

Apart from the academic subjects, the students also have Physical Education, Gymnastics, Ballet/Football, Music and Drama, Art and Crafts as well as Computer Awareness. Personal & Social Development (PSD) is also given its due importance throughout all the grades, starting from Junior I.

Class teachers are responsible for most of the academic subjects, while specialized teachers are responsible for their area. Science is taught in the lab by a specialized Science teacher, where children experience a 'hands-on' approach whilst arousing their curiosity. In this way, the students develop other skills, enabling them to participate effectively in their social environment.

Outings and excursions in all grades are a monthly feature for the Junior School children. An annual concert is held, where all children play a part and Sports Day is an annual event. 'St. Michael's Got Talent' is also a popular show.

To help monitor and judge the pupil’s progress, assessments are held on a regular basis. Mid-yearly and annual examinations are also set. From an early age, serious study instills a love for learning and is itself a journey to discovery. The teachers promote organization and problem-solving skills as well as inculcating a sense of duty and responsibility for the students.