A Proud Tradition of Excellence

A Proud Tradition of Excellence

A Proud Tradition of Excellence


Live-ins are an integral part of our community at St. Michael Foundation.  Over the years a countless number of live-ins have been organized and yet no one live in is the same as the other. It is the dynamics and attitude of the participants that make the weekend one to remember.  Teachers and students live together in an atmosphere of sharing and caring.

A Student's Point of View

"The live-in is a school activity I always look forward to because it's a fun, adventurous and relaxing weekend that helps us students build stronger friendships." Liza Farrugia, Form IV

“Live-ins are experiences that you just cannot forget.” – Matthew Magro, Form II

“School live-ins provide ideal opportunities for the students to bond with each other and our teachers. This is only feasible due to the weekends of living, eating and sleeping together like one big, close-knit family. Through PSCD, group sessions and activities are not only important life lessons learnt but experiences that we will cherish forever.” - Kurt Pace Debono, Mark Mifsud and Nigel Grech, Form 5

A Teacher's Point of View

“During these school live-ins I can observe students under a different light. I encourage such activities as they help our children to relate individually and as a group. Throughout these experiences I am amazed how their true colours come out and flourish. No matter how challenging, in most cases their character is as sincere, bright and colourful as a beautiful painting by Van Gogh.” – Mr Lewis Zammit

“Live-ins bring both teachers and students together in a different dynamic. Bonds and friendships are strengthened as year groups are knitted more closely together. The students wait eagerly for that one weekend where they can come together in a more relaxed and exciting setting away from home. The students learn to live with each other and engage in various activities which help them grow spiritually and socially, bringing them closer together.  Through the activities, they learn a lot about themselves and one another. They are given responsibilities and duties which help them learn to live and work together as a community.  Aside from all this, the students gain new experiences and make memories that they treasure forever.” - Ms Annemarie and Ms Laura

“Live-ins are a means for students to integrate with one another in a relaxed setting whilst also learning various social skills. Teachers who attend live ins get to know the students characters and can thereby make learning more individualised, meaningful and environment based. Live-ins aid professional teacher-student relationships which enable them to confide in their teachers whilst also understanding when discipline is required. Students effectively return home with the building blocks to develop a more reflective individual with an increased sense of self and responsibility for their surroundings.” - Ms Sarah Busutill

Live Ins 2015-2016