A Proud Tradition of Excellence


A Proud Tradition of Excellence

Hands on Sculpture

St. Michael Foundation has successfully participated in its third Kreattiv project. After 'Prints and Possibilities' and 'Mediterranean Sights and Sounds,' this year it was 'Hands on Sculpture.'

The 'Hands on Sculpture' project was, this year, a cross curricular activity which involved students from different classes and year groups. The Art students designed and worked on different sculptures of hands. A frieze was then created with these sculptures.

Some students also put together some videos. The students taking Italian in Form I were filmed showing various expressions the Italians use with their hands. The History students put together a film of paintings and photos of hands throughout the ages. The Action Group filmed a donation activity, showing the link of hands with voluntary work. The Drama students acted out a famous piece by Leroy Anderson; entitled The Typewriter, using their hands! There was also a film which documented the process of how the Form III and Form IV Art students made the Hands sculpture frieze. Students taking Maltese, Religion, Citizenship, English and PSD also put up exhibitions.

'Hands on Sculpture' was funded through the Kreattiv project fund, managed by the Culture Directorate within the Parliamentary Secretariat for Culture and Local Government, which falls under the Ministry of Tourism. St. Michael Foundation also funded part of this project.

This Kreattiv project was co-ordinated at St. Michael Foundation by our Art teacher, Mr. Lewis Zammit, assisted by many teachers and maintenance staff at school. Dr. Raphael Vella was the Art consultant for this project and Mr. Austin Camilleri was the artist who assisted us in the project.

Well done to all!

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