A Proud Tradition of Excellence

A Proud Tradition of Excellence

A Proud Tradition of Excellence

Sports Events

St. Michael Foundation Sports 2016/2017

May 2017

Athletics: 42 St. Michael Foundation students from all forms took part in the first athletics meeting for Co-ed schools. They won several medals and placed first in the junior aggregate.

Athletics 2017

Swimming: The StMF swimming team took part in the annual swimming gala held at St. Dorothy’s School. The boys won the overall aggregate, the senior girls placed 2nd whilst the junior girls 3rd.

swimming 2017

U/12 Football (Boys) took part in a tournament versus 12 other teams. They missed out on qualifying for the final round and placed 8th. Coach: Mauro Camilleri Darmanin.

U/16 Basketball (Girls) with coach Hayley Acremen and assistant coach Sophie Abela placed 2nd in the national finals, losing only to the National Sports School.

basketball girls 2017

U/15 Football (Boys) took part in a 15 team tournament. The team with Coach Mauro Camilleri Darmanin was unlucky in the semi-final, but won the 3rd place decider.

St. Michael Foundation senior school sports day was held on May 19th. This year’s winner was HOUSE OF AUVERGNE.

House of Auvergne 17

U/14 Basketball (Girls) with coach Hayley Acremen placed 3rd in the national finals.

March 2017

U/13 Basketball (Girls) coached by Hayley Acremen placed 2nd out of 6 teams in their tournament held at San Andrea.

U/13 Basketball (Boys) coached by Jeremy Gambin placed 5th out of 8 teams.

U/14 Handball (Boys) missed out on qualifying for the finals to De La Salle and San Andrea.

U/13 Football (Boys) participated in a tournament at St. Martin's College, however missed out on qualifying for the final round and placed 10th overall. 

February 2017

A group of students travelled to Pila, Itlay where they had the opportunity to enjoy the experience of skiing.


January 2017

U/16 Handball (Boys) coached by Mauro Camilleri Darmanin placed 3rd in finals.

U/15 Football (Boys) qualified for the final. This will be played during the Spring Term.

U/13 Football (Girls) coached by Mauro Camilleri Darmanin placed 2nd, beating San Andrea, St. Monica and St. Martin's College.

U/14 Handball (Girls) played the 6 team tournament with 2 teams. The A team placed 2nd losing to San Andrea in the final.

u/14 handball girls

U/16 Football (Boys) won the competition coached by Mr. Michael Molzahn beating San Anton 2 - 1 in the final. 

u/16 football boys

December 2016

U/16 Basketball (Girls) coached by Hayley Acreman placed 1st in their tournament versus 8 other teams. Final was played vs San Andrea. 

U/16 bball girls

November 2016

U/16 Football (Girls) finished 4th after losing their semifinal match to St. Catherine's School after penalties.

U/16 Handball (Boys) qualified for the Final round being played in December by winning 2 out of 3 games.

Tennis (Girls) - Rachel Grech Flores & Micole Miceli won their competition. Sofiya Lybanieva & Faye Bezzina placed 3rd in their competition.

tennis girls

Tennis (Boys) - Mishayel Rivoltini & Liam Delicata achieved 2nd place in their category. Michael Borg & Zhofrey Sagaydak placed 4th in their competition.

tennis boys

U/16 Handball (Girls) won their tournament against 4 other participating teams. 

u/16 handball girls

October 2016

U/16 Football (Boys) qualified for the Final round, to be played in December.